Forms for Performance Testing for Stationary Source Emissions

The Performance Test Program maintains forms related to performance testing to assist facilities and test consultants in meeting the requirements of Minnesota Rules:

Test Report Forms

Operating Data Forms

The appropriate operating data form is required as part of a complete test report and only provides a summary of the operating conditions during the performance test. Emission unit and control equipment operating conditions must be recorded for each run and averaged over three runs to provide a final average value over the performance test. Additional and more detailed records are required to meet the requirements of Minn. R. 7017.2035 Readings of discrete data from monitoring instruments must be recorded at least every 15 minutes, or other reasonable time interval as approved, during the test. Strip charts or retrieved electronic data from continuous monitors must be included in the test report and summarized on one of the appropriate forms below.

Test Report Certification Form

All performance test reports must be certified pursuant to Minn. R. 7017.2040 using the certification form below. Any test report that lacks certification will not be accepted. 

Complete Submittals Forms

The CD submittal form below will help you to submit your CD test report copy correctly. The Facility Name, AQ File Number, Source Designator as listed in the permit (EU00X, SV00X, CE00X, GP00X, etc.) and Test Date must be included on the face of the CD. The Performance Test Report Completeness Criteria form is a checklist that you may use to ensure that your test report includes all required information.

Expedited Review Request Form

The MPCA strives for timely review and processing of all performance test reports. Performance test reports are processed during regular working hours on a first come, first served basis. There are some instances, however, where a project is particularly time sensitive or where the cost of waiting for the normal review and approval process would greatly exceed the cost of paying for an expedited review. The expedited review program provides another option for those who are faced with that situation. If you are interested in the expedited review program you will find more information in the document below.

Periodic Reporting Forms

The following forms may be required to be submitted for quarterly, semi-annual and/or annual reporting. Please consult your air permit to determine which forms and frequencies are required.