Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is using funds from the Volkswagen settlement to reduce air pollution in Minnesota today and invest in a cleaner transportation system for tomorrow. Air pollution from vehicles both causes negative health impacts for our communities and contributes to climate change. The settlement funds offer an opportunity for us to tackle both of these problems by reducing harmful emissions — including greenhouse gases — from vehicles and equipment in our state.

In the first two years of MPCA’s Volkswagen settlement grant programs, MPCA distributed $11.75 million across five categories: transit buses and trucks, off-road equipment, school buses, heavy-duty electric vehicles, and EV charging stations.

Awarded grants

Upcoming grants

See the Grants and loans page for currently available funding opportunities.

  • Fall 2022 - Electric vehicle charging stations: Install electric vehicle charging stations at public locations, workplaces and multi-unit dwellings in Minnesota
  • Winter 2022/2023 - Clean fuels heavy duty (internal combustion) on-road vehicles: Replace old diesel heavy duty diesel vehicles and equipment with new, cleaner diesel, natural gas, propane and fuel/electric hybrid vehicles
  • Spring 2023 - Electric School Bus: Replace old, diesel school buses with new, cleaner electric models
  • Summer 2023 - Minnesota Clean Diesel off-road DERA grant: Replace or upgrade older diesel off-road vehicles and equipment with new clean diesel or electric models.

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