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The MPCA is committed to delivering a pollution reduction program that benefits all Minnesotans and works diligently to incorporate their ideas and opinions into our projects and plans. To develop this Phase 3 plan, the agency sought input statewide throughout the summer of 2023 and into 2024. We shared results from our first six years of grant programs and posted information and data on our VW webpages. We held one stakeholder meeting, shared informational email bulletins, had an open survey hosted on SmartComment, and sought input from the MPCA’s Environmental Justice Advisory Group and environmental justice advocates. 

Public comments indicate that we should continue the efforts we began in Phase 1 and Phase 2, including: 

  • reducing diesel emissions throughout the state, across a variety of vehicle types
  • investing in projects to reduce emissions in disproportionately impacted communities
  • funding EV charging stations and electric replacements for diesel vehicles and equipment
  • continuing to fund electric vehicles, when available
  • continuing to fund cleaner fuel alternatives to old, high-emitting diesel vehicles
  • recognizing projects that are cost effective, where appropriate

Once the draft Phase 3 plan was released to the public in late 2023, the MPCA solicited input from the public and key stakeholders from across the state to ensure that the plan best reflected the comments and priorities we heard during this process. We held public meetings and accepted written comments until Jan. 15, 2024.