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In 2021, MPCA sought applications for grant money to replace heavy-duty diesel vehicles with electric or other, cleaner models. Funding was split into two pools:

  • $3.5 million to support organizations making the switch to electric vehicles/equipment
  • $1.7 million to fund new vehicles powered by diesel, propane, natural gas, and fuel/electric hybrids

Awardees have been selected and notified. Names will be posted once funds are received from the Trustee and all contracts are signed.

In 2019, MPCA offered $1.5 million in grants to exclusively fund new, all-electric replacements for heavy-duty diesel vehicles and equipment in Minnesota. The heavy-duty electric grant provided key financial assistance to businesses and organizations that want to invest in new all-electric technology.

Grantee Funded vehicle Grant award Total cost
Delta All-electric tow tractor $100,000 Metro
Eastern Carver County School District All-electric school bus $100,000 Metro
Stolt Trucking (3) All-electric Class 8 semi tractors $300,000 Greater Minn.