Industrial stormwater training

Online training module

This training module is still applicable until April 1, 2020, for those covered under the 2015 permit. An updated training video for the 2020 permit is underway.

Online training module on requirements of industrial stormwater

MPCA has an online training module for the 2015-2020 industrial stormwater permit. The format condenses an all-day, in-person training workshop down to one hour!

This beginner-level training is intended for permittees, consultants, and interested water protectors who are new to industrial stormwater regulations. This course may also be useful as a refresher.

  1. Permit and rule history
  2. Applicability: who needs a permit?
  3. The differences between permit coverage and No Exposure
  4. Permit requirements: SWPPP and inspection requirements
  5. Sampling requirements
  6. Guidance and training
  7. Compliance and enforcement
  8. 2020 permit issuance information

Survey. Once you’ve completed the course, please fill out the survey.

Questions? Contact industrial stormwater staff: or call 651-757-2119 or 800-657-3804 (non-metro only).


In-person trainings are still highly encouraged. MPCA’s industrial stormwater program staff collaborate with educators at the University of Minnesota to offer a variety of in-person workshops.

To check availability or register, visit their Schedule and Registration Forms page. Questions: or call 800-646-2282 or 612-625-9733.