Industrial stormwater training

Monitoring service training

File Recorded Webex: Industrial stormwater - monitoring service in e-Services

Recorded training session (65 min.) on new monitoring service in MPCA e-Services (Jan. 22, 2021)

University of Minnesota

MPCA’s industrial Stormwater program staff collaborate with educators at the University of Minnesota to offer a variety of in-person and online workshops.  In-person trainings are still highly encouraged, however, due to the pandemic, in-person ISW trainings have been paused.

To check availability or register, visit their courses and registration page. Questions: or call 800-646-2282 or 612-625-9733.

Examples of current online courses

ISW1202 ISW annual training. Designed for people who are familiar with the 2020 Industrial Stormwater Permit and would like to take an online course to meet the permit's annual training requirement. This approximately 1-hour online course reviews permit basics and discusses topics specific to 2022.

ISW2202 ISW regulations and management. Designed for people who are new to the Industrial Stormwater permit or would like a detailed refresher of the industrial Stormwater requirements. This approximately 7-hour online course includes the following topics: no exposure, SWPPP development and implementation, Stormwater sampling and monitoring, inspections, SWPPP modification, and annual training requirements.

Online training module

Updated training for the 2020-2025 Industrial Stormwater permit is in development.

Contact industrial stormwater staff: