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Gather your materials

Make sure you have what you need before your start your online application.

Required information to apply onlineFor No Exposure certifiersFor permittees
1Narrative activities (if applicable) — See step 1 for list of narrative activitiesXX
2Primary SIC Code, co-located SIC codes (up to 5) — See step 1 for assistance finding your SIC code(s)XX
3Facility information and contacts (facility name, owner name, facility street address) — Provide all contact information for the owner, operator, site contact, and billing contact. If you lease, this pertains to the owner/operator of the industrial activity, not the land or building owner.XX
4Description of facility — Select the industrial activity at the facility.XX
5Facility location information — Decimal latitude/longitude of the facility. Use the map button in the online service to locate the facility and select.XX
6No exposure questions — See step 2 for assistanceXX

Total acreage of your facility's industrial activities.

[Total acres of facility (example: 10 acres)] - [Total acreage of office buildings, parking lots, and landscaped/natural areas, where no industrial activities are occurring (example: 7 acres)] = Total acreage of industrial activities (3 acres, in this example)

8Completed SWPPP (SWPPPs do not need to be submitted) — See step 4 for assistance X

Does your stormwater discharge to a regulated MS4? Is so, which one?

10List/describe your stormwater discharges to surface waters* X
11Monitoring location information (name/description, latitude/longitude, Narrative Activities/SIC codes at each monitoring location)** X
12Application fee $400, submitted online through U.S. Bank via e-check or credit card. X

*Provide the name of surface water(s) and type of surface water(s) (e.g., fen, ditch, lake, trout lake, pond, river, stream, trout stream, or wetland) that receive your industrial stormwater discharges. Does the facility have a monitoring location that flows to, and surface water is within one mile of, any of the facility’s monitoring locations, if it is an Outstanding Resource Value Water (ORVWs) or if it is an impaired water. One mile is defined as “as the crow flies.” Industrial stormwater could flow directly to that water, or through various conveyance systems like storm drains or ditches. Attach additional sheets if necessary.

**List all benchmark and effluent monitoring locations; you must list at least one. Provide:

  • Description (e.g., northwest corner of the facility, near the road/driveway) and latitude/longitude of each monitoring location
  • Subsector letter/number of narrative activities (such as O2 -- see step 1) or the four-digit SIC codes associated with this monitoring location
  • See step 7 for more information on choosing monitoring locations.

Apply for or modify a permit/certification or terminate coverage

Use the e-Service to apply for the 2020 Industrial Stormwater General Permit and to request any administrative modifications.

After completing your online application, you can obtain a notice of coverage using the online Industrial Stormwater permit information tool.