Annual Report Newsletter

This newsletter provides detailed information about the annual report requirements and other key elements of the 2015-2020 industrial stormwater permit. 

Annual report requirements: Submit electronically!

The 2018 Annual Report is available online.

The completed form must be filled out and emailed to the Industrial Stormwater Program by March 31, 2019. Email it to: and include “2018 Annual Report” in the subject line.  Please do not include any other attachments when emailing in your annual report.

To request the 2018 Annual Report be mailed to you, call the Stormwater Hotline: 651-757-2119 or 800-657-3804 (non-metro only).

On the 2018 Annual Report form, pay attention to:
•    Use your current Permit ID number on the form
•    Question 1, inspection requirements; one inspection is required each month             
•    Question 2, changes to facility, SWPPP updates, annual training dates
•    Question 3 & 4, Impaired waters, TMDL Review    
To complete and submit the form:  

  1. MS Word: Microsoft Office document icon Annual Report Form NPDES/SDS General Stormwater Permit for Industrial Activity
    Go to the “File” tab and select “save as.”  Save the form to your computer and send to MPCA as an e-mail attachment to
  2. PDF: PDF icon Annual Report Form - NPDES/SDS General Stormwater Permit for Industrial Activity, MNG610000 form.
    Click on the “computer disk” icon to save the document.
    Open the file you just saved on your computer and complete all questions marked with an asterisk (*).
    You may save information entered in draft form on your computer until you are ready to submit it to the MPCA.
    Once completed, electronically certify the form by checking the “Yes” box under the Owner or Operator Certification heading. 
    Save the form to your computer and send to the MPCA by using the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the form or send to MPCA as an e-mail attachment to

If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation within two business days, please send an email to:

Monthly/yearly requirements

  • Fee invoices (spring 2019)
  • Monthly inspections
  • Annual staff training
  • Annual SWPPP review
  • Annual impaired waters review

New facility contacts? Let us know!

Question: I have new staff at my facility overseeing industrial stormwater requirements. How do I notify the MPCA of a new owner, operator, site contact or billing contact change?
Answer: Fill out and send in the Industrial Stormwater Change Form. Fill out only the sections of the form with updated information; leave all other sections blank. Have the current owner and operator sign the form and email (or mail) the form to us; our email and street addresses are listed on the form.

PDF icon Industrial Stormwater Change Form (wq-strm3-60)

Upcoming training opportunities

Industrial Stormwater Regulations, SWPPPs, Sampling and Monitoring workshop: March 14, 2019, Best Western Plus White Bear Country Inn, White Bear Lake.

Register today as workshops often fill up 2-3 weeks before the class is held. For additional information or to register for any of these workshops, please visit the University of Minnesota Erosion and Stormwater Management Certification Program website at:

Winter salt, sand, and stormwater management

It rains, it snows, and it melts. With winter finally here, winter stormwater management practices are here to stay. Salt and sand will help keep people and drivers safe but need to be used appropriately. Preventing ice build-up and regular shoveling and snow-blowing will save you time, money, and help the environment in the long run.

How to fight snow and ice without polluting. The Mississippi Water Management Organization wrote this excellent article with practical tips, suggestions, dos and don’ts for winter (frozen) stormwater management.

  • If it’s too cold, don’t use salt
  • Use sand to provide traction
  • If you must use salt, use as little as possible

Video: Watch and learn. Take your winter maintenance skills to the next level with this video filled with handy tips and demonstrations.

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