Annual report

Annual report requirements: Submit by e-mail

The 2019 Annual Report form is available online.

The completed form must be filled out and emailed to the Industrial Stormwater Program by March 31, 2020. Email it to: and include “2019 Annual Report” in the subject line. Please do not include any other attachments when emailing in your annual report.

On the 2019 Annual Report form, pay attention to:

  • Use your current Permit ID number on the form
  • Question 1, inspection requirements; one inspection is required each month             
  • Question 2, changes to facility, SWPPP updates, annual training dates
  • Questions 3 & 4, Impaired waters, TMDL Review    

Complete and submit the form

Go to the “File” tab and select “save as.” Save the form to your computer and send to MPCA as an e-mail attachment to

Microsoft Office document icon Annual Report Form NPDES/SDS General Stormwater Permit for Industrial Activity (wq-strm3-55)

Monthly/yearly requirements

  • Fee invoices (spring 2019)
  • Monthly inspections
  • Annual staff training
  • Annual SWPPP review
  • Annual impaired waters review


Upcoming training opportunities

Check the University of Minnesota Erosion and Stormwater Management Certification Program web site for upcoming training opportunities.


Contact the program

  • Visit us at our Industrial stormwater webpage
  • Email the program
  • Call the Stormwater Hotline: 651-757-2119 or 800-657-3804
  • Technical assistance: Dave Bodovinitz (507-206-2654) or Mary West (651-757-2818)
  • Engineering questions: Brian Schweiss: 651-757-2709