Recycling market development

The MPCA helps start-up and expanding businesses in Minnesota develop uses for recycled materials by offering technical, financial, and marketing assistance.

Recycling Market Development Program

The Recycling Market Development program helps Minnesota businesses create recycling manufacturing jobs and recycled-content products. The quality products made by these companies use materials that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated. By using recycled materials as feedstock, these businesses increase profits, develop new products, improve their company's image, and reduce waste in Minnesota.

Minnesota's recycling manufacturing industry is recognized as a national leader. In 2003, the industry supported more than 9,000 jobs and added $2.98 billion to the state's economy. While many sectors of the state lost jobs from 2001 to 2003, the recycling sector showed a 3-4 percent gain in employment.


Recycling Market Development staff have expertise in the recycling industry and maintain a network of contacts from businesses, government, and non-profit organizations. Market development specialists provide information through fact sheets, directories, report, conferences, presentations, and on-site visits.

Featured assistance

  • Information about recyclable materials, including glass, plastic, paint, construction-related products, metals, paper, and wood wastes. For a peek at some of the information we can provide, visit our Publications and General Information section.
  • Research into recycling market conditions, manufacturing technology, and product testing.
  • Listings of recyclers, material processors, and product manufacturers. Browse our Recycling Markets Directory to find companies that purchase recyclable materials and the Recycled Products Directory to find companies that manufacture and sell products made from recycled materials.
  • Data about products made from recycled materials. Our success stories feature recycled products made here in Minnesota.
  • Referrals for financing, business plan development, and facility siting. Minnesota houses a number of Small Business Development Centers that provide technical assistance to all kinds of businesses.
  • Legislation and policy information regarding recycling in Minnesota. If you wish, you can search Minnesota statutes online.