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Electric car charging in front of office building next to solar panel.

MPCA staff provide technical assistance to businesses seeking to improve their environmental performance and prevent pollution.

  • Small business environmental assistance provides free, confidential, environmental assistance to small businesses.
  • Environmental audits encourage businesses and organizations to examine how well a facility's operations are complying with local, state, and federal environmental regulations, and correct any problems that are identified.

The MPCA provides financial support to several technical assistance providers in Minnesota.

  • MnTAP: Minnesota Technical Assistance Program is located at the University of Minnesota, and provides on-site and telephone assistance, interns, an information clearinghouse, and a coordinating role in the state materials exchange program. MnTAP's services to Minnesota businesses and organizations has substantial economic and environmental benefits.
  • Minnesota Waste Wise is a nonprofit assistance program of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. It is designed to help businesses develop effective waste reduction and recycling programs and find new markets for waste materials.
  • Enterprise Minnesota helps manufacturing companies become operationally efficient and well positioned to grow profitably.

Energy use

Energy production from fossil fuels causes approximately 80% of greenhouse gases, in addition to other air pollutants. In Minnesota, electric utilities are responsible for 85% of the total mercury air pollution. Reducing your use of electricity produced by burning fossil fuels and your overall energy use will benefit both the environment and your bottom line. Learn more:

Buy green power – Buying electricity generated from renewable, high-efficiency, or low-pollution energy sources such as wind or solar will reduce your impact on the environment while building new renewable capacity in Minnesota.

Change out your lighting – Lighting is one of the easiest places to start saving energy and money by switching to LED and other energy-efficient technology.

Build green buildings – Minnesota’s commercial and residential buildings consume 68% of the natural gas and 47% of the electricity used in the state. Typically, new, sustainable office buildings are about 30% more efficient. A 200,000 sq. ft. building could realize annual savings of $50,000-100,000, after the initial costs are recovered. Such a building could prevent roughly 1,000 tons of air pollution each year, if the energy otherwise would come from fossil fuel plants.

Electric vehicle charging

Help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging electric vehicles (EV) use. Install electric vehicle charging stations in your parking area so employees, customers, and visitors can conveniently charge up.