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In addition to the assistance available from MPCA's market development staff, many other resources are available online.

Using recycled feedstock

Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI)
AURI helps develop new uses and markets for the state's agricultural products, including research and development into recycling wood waste.

Composite Materials Technology Center (COMTEC)
COMTEC, part of Winona State University's Composite Materials Engineering program, provides design and analysis, material characterization, testing, and prototype manufacturing services.

Forest Products Laboratory (U.S. Forest Service)
Conducts research on wood use, including pulp and paper products and new paper recycling technologies.

Minnesota Inventors Congress
The Minnesota Inventors Congress support inventors with tools, guides, and links to entrepreneurial resources.

Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI)
NRRI's Materials and Bioeconomy program is developing new uses for forest resources and organic waste.

Trade Association Directory (Recycler's World)
A directory of recycling trade associations, many of which provide technical and financial assistance for members.

Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM)
RAM provides advocacy and leadership to increase economic viability and sustainability of recycling in Minnesota.

Sourcing recycled materials

Minnesota Materials Exchange
The Minnesota Materials Exchange connects businesses who have reusable goods to those who can use them. This is a free service operated in Minnesota by MnTAP.

Plastics Markets
Plastics Markets connects buyers and suppliers of all types of scrap plastic.

Southeast Minnesota Recyclers Exchange (SEMREX)
SEMREX is an established Cooperative Marketing Group for recyclable materials, representing recyclers in 10 southeastern Minnesota counties.

Selling recycled products

Selling greener products and services to the federal government (U.S. EPA)

Green Guides (Federal Trade Commission)
FTC's guide to the legal requirements for environmental marketing, including claims of recyclability and recycled content.

Tax exemption

Capital equipment exemption (MN Dept. of Revenue)
Purchase of capital equipment for processing recycling materials may be exempt from sales tax.