Green and safer product chemistry grants

Green chemistry intern checking liquid in a labApply now for a Green Chemistry & Engineering Internship grant

MPCA is seeking project proposals from host companies for a Green Chemistry & Engineering internship at a Minnesota facility in summer 2018. The maximum grant funding is $10,000.

Through this project, both the company and the intern will gain experience in advancing the practice of green chemistry and engineering within the host company, applied to one or more of the company’s products or components in any way that supports improved products. Examples of possible projects:

  • Life cycle comparison of candidate materials
  • Support safety and/or performance testing of alternative materials or designs
  • Work with design, manufacturing, and cross-functional teams to assess the supply and cost of new materials
  • Catalog supplier safety data sheets and certifications as part of green/sustainable purchasing initiatives
  • Update inventories of chemical regulations and support audits of internal and supply chain compliance
  • Learn and perform hazard and alternatives assessment processes
  • Support sales and marketing of reformulated products

Ask clarifying questions through Answers will be posted in the Q&A tab.

MPCA staff is working with green chemistry and engineering partners across North America to recruit students or recent graduates from scientific/technical programs at universities and colleges, creating a pool of candidates from which the company awarded this grant will select for interviews and an eventual offer for their position. The intern will work with a mentor within the company for 10-12 weeks during the summer—or beyond that, if the company and intern agree.

The use and amount of matching resources must be described in the application; however, no specific amount or percentage of matching funds is required.

Company application deadline:  February 23, 2018 (2:00 p.m. Central Time)


2018 Green Chemistry & Engineering Internship Grant

Company application resources and instructions.

Internship candidate application resources

The application period for intern candidates will open in early 2018. Watch this page or sign up below for notice of availability of that application.


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MPCA personnel cannot discuss this Request for Grant Applications (RFGA) with applicants. Contact regarding this RFGA with any MPCA personnel may result in disqualification.

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