Construction and demolition waste

Construction and demolition waste Construction and demolition (C&D) waste is generated during the construction, renovation, and demolition of buildings or structures. These wastes include materials such as concrete, bricks, wood and lumber, roofing, drywall, landscape, and other wastes.

In Minnesota, more than 80% of the 1.6 million tons of construction and demolition waste was landfilled in 2013. Much of this waste can be recycled or reused.

The regulations for C&D landfills in Minnesota haven't changed since 1988. Previously, C&D waste was assumed to be inert and to pose little risk to the environment. However, pollution concentrations around many C&D landfills exceed values set by the Minnesota Department of Health to protect drinking water. The MPCA is now revisiting the protections needed to properly managed C&D wastes. Learn more:

There are also opportunities for Minnesota review the environmental impacts of building-material design, manufacturing, and reuse, and building design, maintenance/preservation, and removal.