Benefits of brownfields redevelopment

Site cleanup before redevelopmentBrownfields redevelopment return environmentally impacted and underused properties to productive use, mitigate environmental impacts, provide jobs and tax revenue, and revitalize communities. Sustainability principles such as waste minimization, ecosystem preservation, natural resource conservation, local environmental quality restoration, and energy efficiency are often used when cleaning up and redeveloping brownfield sites.

Benefits of brownfield redevelopment report

The MPCA partners with the organization Minnesota Brownfields to highlight how redevelopment of idled, contaminated commercial and industrial properties can enable economic growth and community revitalization, while improving the environment for all Minnesotans.

PDF icon Benefits of brownfields redevelopment in Minnesota — 2020 report

MPCA staff participate on an advisory committee of Minnesota Brownfields, comprised of redevelopment professionals representing 12 different areas of expertise. The committee helps to ensure alignment with the current priorities of Minnesota’s diverse redevelopment community, provides feedback on research, and helps develop forums and other program activities.

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