The permitting process is an integral part of regulations and regulatory compliance. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) works with state businesses, the Legislature and federal officials to ensure that the permitting process helps to protect Minnesota's environment.

Permitting efficiency requirements

Changes to Minn. Stat. 116.03, Subd. 2b., enacted on March 4, 2011, set a goal for the MPCA to issue or deny a permit within 150 days of receipt of a complete application. To achieve that goal, the MPCA must review permit requests and notify applicants whether or not their application is complete enough for processing within 30 business days of receipt. If an application is considered incomplete, the MPCA must identify the deficiencies and advise applicants on how to fix them.

Under the law, the MPCA submits an annual report to the Legislature by August 1. The most recent version is available below.

Permit forms and applications

Permitting and licensing process

Permits issued