MPCA quality system

The MPCA's Quality System ensures the acquisition of accurate, reliable and defensible environmental data. The system gives us the highest confidence in data used for environmental assessments and decisions to preserve and enhance the quality of Minnesota's environment and the quality of life for all its citizens.

Quality management plans

The Quality Management Plan (QMP) documents the MPCA's strategy for building quality into all its programs. The quality systems include planning, implementing, and assessing the quality assurance and quality control operations as they are applied to the MPCA's environmental data programs. The QMP is reviewed by EPA Region 5 QA Managers to ensure that all elements of the EPA QMP guidance document are adequately addressed. The QMP is to be renewed every five years or sooner if significant changes are made to QMP program elements.

The MPCA's quality system encourages staff to resolve problems in a timely manner. Staff are responsible for planning, executing, documenting and reviewing all work performed to ensure that it conforms to the DQO process. Supervisors assist staff to ensure all facets of the problem are considered and the best options used. The QACs are responsible for writing quality-related policies, which are then incorporated by staff into their Work Plans and QAPPs.

Each MPCA environmental monitoring program's work follows an approved Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), Work Plan, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which are part of the QMP.

Quality assurance project plans

A QAPP agreement between a regulator, grantee, responsible party, the consultant, the laboratory, and other interested parties concerning what work will be performed, how it will be performed, why the work is being performed, the analytical methods used, and the quality assurance used.


Program QAPPs

Laboratory guidance and references

Lab references

Minnesota lab accreditation/certification

Project-specific guidance

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and State Disposal System (SDS)


Petroleum remediation

Dredged materials management

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

EPA method references

Data quality