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The MPCA uses the Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS) to store and manage monitoring data collected through MPCA programs and partnerships and associated laboratory results from streams, lakes, groundwater, ambient air, soil, sediment, and gas.

Lab_MN and EQuIS EDP

The MPCA collaborated with EarthSoft to develop a custom format for submitting analytical data.

  • Lab_MN is an electronic data submittal (EDD) format that allows labs to submit EQuIS-compatible analytical data to the MPCA.
  • The EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) is a stand-alone application that checks EDDs against MPCA data standards.

Download the MPCA’s custom EDD format and supporting files or the EQuIS Data Processor from the EarthSoft web site.

EQuIS data gathering engine (EDGE)

The MPCA uses the EDGE application for recording field sampling data and field observations, ensuring compatibility with the MPCA’s EQuIS database. The application requires additional training, and individual programs may have custom standard operating procedures. Contact an MPCA project manager to see if EDGE is being used in a specific program.

Download EDGE_MN, MPCA’s custom EDGE format.

Data submittals

Remediation division programs — including Superfund, Petroleum Remediation, Site Assessment, Brownfields, RCRA Remediation, and Integrated Remediation — custom operating procedures for using EDGE and submitting electronic data.

Surface water: see Submitting surface water data.

Chain of custody

Chain of custody (COC) procedures must be followed to maintain and document sample possession. The EDGE application contains functionality to create and export a COC; the MPCA has also developed a stand-alone COC that can be used independent of EDGE. The COCs provide labs with the information necessary to work in the Lab_MN format.

Location unique identifiers

A location unique identifier (LUI) connects a sample location to specific GIS coordinates; no two LUIs occupy the same location, and LUIs are required for all sample locations. LUIs are specific to a location, not a sample type, so you can collect multiple soil, soil gas, and groundwater samples from a single borehole represented by one LUI. The LUI is called sys_loc_code in the EQuIS database.

Please do not generate new LUIs for locations that already have LUIs assigned. Contact one of the data coordinators below to see if a location you plan to sample has an assigned LUI.

Location typeHow to obtain an LUI

Well — Temporary

Well — Soil vapor monitoring

Borehole (soil sampling, test trench, and sump)

Gas — Subslab

Building — Interior (indoor air)

Building — Exterior (outdoor air)

Surface soil sample

Self-service LUI generator*

*Use only if the location does not have an assigned LUI already

Permanent wellsUse the MN unique well number assigned by MDH

Lake or stream sediment

Surface water

Assigned by the MPCA — contact the relevant data coordinator below.

Using the LUI generator

Enter your name, email address, location type, and the number of LUIs needed for each location type in the LUI generator. Create a new entry for each location type. You don't need to enter a site ID. You can generate extra LUIs if you need flexibility depending on field conditions. Unused LUIs don't need to be saved for future sample events.

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