Clean Water Council members

The 28-member Council was established in 2006 by the Legislature through the Binary Data Clean Water Legacy Act (Minn. Stat. Ch 114D). See below to find out who is currently on the Council and what organizations they represent.

Members serve until their successors are appointed by the Governor or appointing authorities (Minn. Stat. 114D.30).

Clean Water Council | Members list

Member Representing Term expires Appointing authority
Mr. John Barten Nonprofit organizations focused on improvement of Minnesota lakes and streams January 2023 Governor
Mr. Steven Besser Statewide fishing organization January 2024 Governor
Mr. Kevin Bigalke Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) January 2023 Executive Director - BWSR
Mr. Richard Biske Environmental organizations January 2024 Governor
TBD Minnesota Senate Per appointing authority Senate
Mr. Richard Brainerd City governments January 2024 Governor
Mr. Gary Burdorf Township officers January 2023 Governor
Ms. Tannie Eshenaur Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) January 2023 Commissioner - MDH
Mr. Warren Formo Statewide farm organizations January 2023 Governor
Ms. Kelly Gribauval-Hite Business organizations January 2024 Governor
Rep. Josh Heintzeman Minnesota House of Representatives Per appointing authority House
Mr. Frank Jewell County government (rural counties) January 2023 Governor
Ms. Jen Kader Environmental organizations January 2023 Governor
Rep. Heather Keeler Minnesota House of Representatives Per appointing authority House
Ms. Holly Kovarik Soil and water conservation districts January 2023 Governor
Mr. Jason Moeckel Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) January 2023 Commissioner - DNR
Mr. Jeffrey Peterson University of Minnesota (UMN) January 2023 Board of Regents - UMN
Ms. Whitney Place Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) January 2023 Commissioner - MDA
Mr. Raj Rajan Business organizations January 2023 Governor
Ms. Victoria Reinhardt County government (seven-county metropolitan area) January 2024 Governor
Mr. Todd Renville Statewide hunting organizations January 2023 Governor
Sen. Carrie Ruud Minnesota Senate Per appointing authority Senate
Mr. Peter Schwagerl Statewide farm organizations January 2024 Governor
Mr. Patrick Shea City organizations January 2023 Governor
Mr. Glenn Skuta Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) January 2023 Commissioner - MPCA
Mr. Phillip Sterner Metropolitan Council January 2023 Metropolitan Council
Mr. Jordan Vandal Representative of tribal governments January 2023 Governor
Ms. Marcie Weinandt Watershed districts January 2024 Governor

Member resources

Past reports

Binary Data Clean Water Council: Biennial reports of the Clean Water Council


Binary Data Clean Water Legacy Act (Minn. Stat. Ch 114D)
Binary Data Minnesota Constitution Article XI, Section 15

Policies and procedures

PDF icon Bylaws
PDF icon Per diem and expense policy
PDF icon Expense form (wq-cwc7-03b)
PDF icon Conflict of interest policy
PDF icon Conflict of interest disclosure form


Paul Gardner, Clean Water Council Administrator, 651-757-2384

Frank Jewell, Clean Water Council Chair, 218-726-2450

Todd Renville, Clean Water Council Vice Chair, 612-669-9044