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The Part 70 manufacturing general permit is intended for facilities using processes such as abrasive blasting, brazing, catalytic or thermal oxidizers, dip tanks, injection molding, resin and gel coating, spraying and coating activities, welding, and much more. To qualify for the general permit, a facility must not:

  • Include processes or emission units that are not listed in the general permit, unless they are classified as either insignificant or conditionally insignificant activities
  • Be in the source categories listed in 40 CFR Section 52.21(b)(1)(iii), prevention of significant deterioration (PSD). Facilities must limit their potential to emit to less than 250 tons per year of each criteria pollutant, which is below the major source PSD thresholds.

The general permit is less expensive than a Part 70 individual permit, and allows facilities to make changes without applying for a permit amendment, as long as they continue to meet the permit requirements. The MPCA can also issue coverage under the general permit faster than it can issue individual permits because no public comment period is required. The permit coverage expires after five years; you must apply for the next generation of the general permit 180 days before the expiration date.

Use the editable Word version to create a more useful working permit document. Delete the sections of the document that don't apply to your facility, to see your requirements more clearly.