Grant closed. Applications were due September 10.

School bus replacement grant

School buses in a rowMPCA offered approximately $1.7 million for grants to replace old diesel school buses with new, cleaner diesel, propane, or natural gas models. Funding was divided into two categories based on the location of vehicle operation:

  • Greater Minnesota: 40% (approximately $680,000) of the funds are dedicated to replacing school buses that operate in Greater Minnesota.
  • Twin Cities metropolitan area: 60% (approximately $1,020,000) of the funds are dedicated to replacing school buses that operate in the Twin Cities seven-county metropolitan area.

See the request for proposals (RFP) for full details on eligibility: who may apply, grant match requirements, and other information that will help applicants submit a proposal.

Application materials

Closed: Applications were due September 10, 2021.

PDF icon Request for proposals (p-f2-29a-fy21)

This document describes the Phase 2 School Bus Replacement Grant, including information on who may apply for funding, the funding priorities for this grant round, match requirements, activities eligible for funding, and other information that will help applicants plan their project and submit a competitive application. Applications are due no later than 4:30 p.m. Central Time on September 10, 2021.

File Application form - Part 1 (p-f2-29c-fy21)

File Application form - Part 2 (p-f2-29d-fy21)

Additional references

File Public school list with percentage of free and reduced-price eligible students from school year 2021-22 (p-f2-29h-fy21)

PDF icon Project evaluation methods (p-f2-29g-fy21)

PDF icon VW grants: Sample grant agreement (p-f2-29e-fy21)

To help understand what the grant agreement might look like if one is awarded, here is a sample State of Minnesota grant agreement. Much of the language reflected in the agreement is required by statute.

Informational session

File Webex: Informational session on School bus replacement grant (Aug. 10)

MPCA hosted a brief informational meeting on the grant round and request for proposals (RFP).

Questions and answers

MPCA personnel not listed are not authorized to discuss this RFP with applicants outside of the question and answer forum. Contact regarding this RFP with any MPCA personnel may result in disqualification.


This new grant round will help eliminate cost barriers by providing crucial financial assistance to organizations looking to replace older diesel school buses. The purpose of this grant program is to reduce emissions from older diesel vehicles in Minnesota by replacing them with new, cleaner diesel, or alternative fuel models.