Clean Water Council

The Clean Water Council was created through the HTML icon Clean Water Legacy Act (Minn. Stat. Ch 114D) which was signed into law June 2, 2006. The Council’s role is to advise the Legislature and the Governor on the administration and implementation of the Clean Water Legacy Act.

The Clean Water Council’s Biennial Report includes budget recommendations for the Legislature and the Governor on how FY 20-21 Clean Water Fund dollars should be appropriated, policies for clean water, and progress on Clean Water Fund activities. The Council’s FY 20-21 Clean Water Fund recommendations, totaling $262.704 million, reflect the priority of providing resources to on-the-ground actions that improve and protect Minnesota’s water.

PDF icon FY 20-21 Clean Water Fund and Policy recommendations; November 30, 2018 (lr-cwc-1sy18)

PDF icon FY 20-21 Clean Water Fund program descriptions (wq-cwc1-22)

Past Clean Water Council biennial reports are available from the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library.

Clean Water Council members

Clean Water Council members (2017). Front row: Douglas Losee, Tannie Eshenaur, Sharon Doucette, Sandy Rummel, Victoria Reinhardt, Sharon Day, and Raj Rajan. Middle row: Jason Moeckel, John Barten, Patrick Shea, Representative Jean Wagenius, Rylee Main, Glenn Skuta, Susan Stokes, and Jeffrey Peterson. Back row: Todd Renville, Doug Thomas, Mark Abner, Steven Besser, Gary Burdorf, Frank Jewell, Warren Formo, and Robert Hoefert. Not pictured: Pam Blixt, Holly Kovarik, Senator David J. Osmek, Senator Ann H. Rest, and Representative Paul Torkelson.

Clean Water Council contacts

For information about the Clean Water Council, contact:

Paul Gardner, Clean Water Council Administrator
520 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul, MN 55155

Deepa deAlwis, Clean Water Council Coordinator
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul MN 55155

Frank Jewell, Clean Water Council Chair

Pamela Blixt, Clean Water Council Vice Chair