Mississippi River - Grand Rapids


Land use consists of 56% forested, 27% grass and wetland, 7% agricultural, 7% water, and 3% urban. The watershed has 4 nutrient-impaired lakes and 2 impaired stream reaches (2008). Nearly 89% of the land is privately owned; 4.76% is publicly owned. The watershed contains numerous heavily developed lakes. The majority of the lakes are important recreational resources and economic benefits to the watershed.

    What's being done

    Surface Water Assessment Grants completed sampling on 147 lakes within Itasca County. The Big Sandy and Lake Minnewawa TMDL project has been completed and approved by EPA. Protection strategies will be essential to maintain the water resources of the watershed. Intensive water quality monitoring began in this watershed in 2015.

    Strategy reports

    PDF icon Our Upper Mississippi River Large River and Basin Restoration and Protection Strategies (wq-ws4-38b)

    Monitoring and assessment reports and data