Pipestone Creek - Fecal Coliform Bacteria and Turbidity: TMDL Project

Minnesota's Impaired Waters and TMDLs


Three segments of Pipestone Creek are listed for both fecal coliform bacteria and turbidity, for a total of six impairments. The MPCA, in conjunction with the Pipestone County Conservation and Zoning Office and the staff of Pipestone National Monument, conducted a TMDL study. A draft TMDL was submitted to the the U.S. EPA and approved on July 3, 2008. Implementation is currently underway.

Map and location

Pipestone Creek is located in southwestern Minnesota in the Lower Big Sioux watershed of the Missouri River Basin.


The following listings can be viewed on the PDF icon Missouri and Des Moines River Basin map

  • Main Ditch - Fecal, Turbidity
  • Pipestone Creek, North Branch - Fecal, Turbidity
  • Pipestone Creek - Fecal, Turbidity

TMDL report and implementation plan

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Information contact

Mark Hanson, Project Manager
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155


Kyle Krier, Pipestone County Conservation and Zoning Office, 507-825-6765