Clearwater River (UM Basin) - CD #44 to Lake Betsy Bacteria and Lake Nutrients (Clear, Louisa, Scott, Betsy, Union and Marie Lakes): TMDL Project

This project addresses the following seven impairments in the Upper  Clearwater River Watershed located in the Upper Mississippi River Basin of Minnesota:

  • Six lake nutrient impairments;
  • Clearwater River (from County Ditch #44 to Lake Betsy): 1 fecal coliform bacteria impairment.

The Clearwater River Watershed District (CRWD), in cooperation with Wenck Associates Inc. and the MPCA, completed this TMDL study in 2009.  It was subsequently approved by the EPA in January of 2010.  MPCA has approved the watershed wide Implementation Plan making the CRWD eligible to apply for federal 319 funds and state CWLA funds that can be used for restoration projects and BMPs.  Lake reduction goals for Phosphorous range from 26 to 90% to restore lakes to state standards.  Required bacteria reductions for the Clearwater River range from 35 to 92%. To reduce phosphorous levels in the lakes, both internal and external load reductions are required. The primary strategies for bacteria reductions will focus on riparian exclusion and agricultural BMPs.

Other CRWD TMDL studies

  • Clearwater River, 5 Lakes Nutrients TMDL (Caroline, Augusta, Albion, Henshaw and Swartout)
  • Clearwater River, CD #44 to Lake Betsy Dissolved Oxygen

Map and location

Clearwater watershed is located in south central portion of the Upper Mississippi Basin, near St. Cloud, MN.

For a map of this impairment, see the Google map below or use the Impaired Waters Viewer.


TMDL report and implementation plan

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    Information contact

    Margaret Leach, Impaired Waters Coordinator
    Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
    7678 College Road, Suite 105
    Baxter, MN 56425

    Merle Anderson, Administrator
    Clearwater River Watershed District
    PO Box 481
    Annandale, MN 55302

    Dennis Loewen, Assistant Administrator
    Clearwater River Watershed District
    PO Box 481
    Annandale, MN 55302