Subsurface sewage treatment systems

The MPCA's SSTS program protects public health and the environment by ensuring subsurface sewage treatment systems (or septic systems) effectively treat wastewater. MPCA rules govern how septic systems are designed, installed, and managed. The rules are implemented and enforced through local ordinances by counties, cities, and townships.

For homeowners

It’s important for homeowners with septic systems to ensure they are properly maintained. A poorly functioning septic system is a threat to human health and the environment because it may not remove pathogens, nutrients and other chemicals from the used water before it enters our groundwater. See our information for homeowners on keeping septic systems in working order.

For local governments

Local units of government—including cities, counties, townships, and others—enforce Minnesota SSTS rules through ordinances and issue permits for systems designed for flows up to 10,000 gallons per day. Go to our SSTS for local government page for resources.  

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