PFOS impairments

As outlined in its statewide blueprint to address PFAS (a group of chemicals that includes PFOS), the MPCA continues to identify, manage, and clean up these “forever chemicals” used in many products and found throughout the state. For Minnesota’s 2022 impaired waters list, the MPCA is adding 15 more bodies of water as impaired for PFOS.   

PFOS can accumulate to levels of concern in fish, and is transferred to humans when the fish is consumed, potentially causing adverse health effects.   

The impairments demonstrate that more work is needed to eliminate the sources of PFOS and reduce their levels in lakes and rivers in order to prevent limits being placed on fish consumption.  

If the additions are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Minnesota's list would include 26 PFOS impairments, shown on the map below. The EPA has also announced a strategic plan to address PFAS nationwide.

Map of Minnesota waters needing reductions of PFOS in fish tissue