Minnesota’s Impaired Waters List

Every two years, MPCA creates a list of impaired waters that do not meet water quality standards. Learn more: Defining impaired waters.

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Draft 2020 Impaired Waters List

File Draft 2020 Impaired Waters List (wq-iw1-65)

PDF icon 2020 Guidance Manual for Assessing the Quality of Minnesota Surface Waters for Determination of Impairment 305(b) Report and 303(d) List (wq-iw1-04k)

Describes Minnesota's monitoring and assessment strategy, assessment tools, and the redesigned assessment process. The purpose of this guidance is to define the required data and information and lay out the criteria by which waterbodies are assessed to determine if beneficial uses are supported.

Public comments

The comment period for the draft 2020 Impaired Waters List and Assessment Guidance Manual has closed (Nov. 12, 2019, through Jan. 14, 2020).

PDF icon Public comments on Minnesota's 2020 Impaired Waters List (wq-iw1-65f)

The MPCA is working on responses to comments. All comments received during that period, and agency responses, will be forwarded to EPA, along with the proposed list and accompanying documentation, for their review and approval on or before April 1, 2020.

See the Impaired Waters Viewer (IWAV) for all impaired waters, including those just listed, delisted, and corrected for the new list.

Public meetings

The MPCA held four public meetings to discuss the content of the 2020 Impaired Waters List with special focus on waters assessed in the region in the last two years. Meetings were recorded and posted here. Contact Miranda Nichols for additional information.

PDF icon Map of basins and watersheds in Minnesota

Central: December 11

Upper Mississippi River Basin except for the Twin Cities watershed

West: December 12

Basins: Missouri River, Des Moines River, Minnesota River, and Red River of the North

North: December 17

Basins: Rainy River and Lake Superior

Metro/Southeast: December 19

Basins: Mississippi River – Twin Cities watershed, and the St. Croix River, Lower Mississippi River, and Cedar River


Other information

PDF icon 2020 Minnesota Water Quality - Narrative report to Congress (wq-s7-52)

Also known as the 305(b) Integrated Report, combines two requirements of the Clean Water Act to report to Congress on the quality of Minnesota's waters.

For GIS professionals: Go to MPCA's spatial data webpage to download shapefiles on Minnesota's impaired waters.