Increasing recycling of beverage containers

The MPCA submitted a recommendations report to the Legislature on increasing recycling of beverage containers (February 24, 2014).


The final report to the Legislature includes a program design for a statewide recycling refund program for beverage containers, a cost-benefit analysis on the financial impacts of this program design, and public comments on the draft work. The public process for research and completing the report began in September 2013, and included two public forums for interested parties.

Legislative charge

Binary Data Laws 2013, chapter 114, article 3, section 3, subd. 5

The commissioner shall prepare and submit a report to the chairs and ranking minority members of the senate and house of representatives committees and divisions with jurisdiction over the environment and natural resources by January 15, 2014, with recommendations for a statewide recycling refund program for beverage containers that achieves an 80 percent recycling rate. In preparing the report, the commissioner shall consult with stakeholders, including retailers, collectors, recyclers, local governments, and consumers on options to increase the current recycling rate. An assessment of the financial impact of any recommended program shall be included in the report. (Laws 2013, article 3, section 3, subd. 5; see lines 52.10 through 52.25)