Dry Cleaner Fund: Environmental Response and Reimbursement Account

drycleaning shopSpills, leaks or careless disposal of dry cleaning chemicals have resulted in soil, groundwater and soil vapor contamination at sites throughout Minnesota.

The Minnesota Legislature, working with the dry cleaners' trade association (the Minnesota Cleaners Association) and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) established the Dry Cleaner Fund in 1995. The law provided a means to reimburse dry cleaner owners and operators for the cost of cleanup of soil, groundwater and soil vapor resulting from dry cleaning activities. Under the Dry Cleaner Fund, most dry cleaning facilities that provided services to the general public may apply for reimbursement for their investigation and cleanup work. Money in the fund comes from annual registration fees paid by dry cleaning facilities, as well as fees on dry cleaning solvents.


In 2016, the Minnesota Legislature directed the MPCA to adopt rules for the Dry Cleaner Fund. The MPCA and the Minnesota Cleaner’s Association worked together to draft rules that met these statutory directives:

  1. what environmental response costs were reasonable and what costs were ineligible for reimbursement;
  2. application requirements of reimbursement; and
  3. a process to adjust payment rates for response actions.

These rules became effective May 14, 2018. (Revisor's ID: R-04411)

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For more information about the Dry Cleaner Fund, contact:

Jennifer Haas — 651-757-2401
Sondra Campbell — 651-757-2840