Manufacturers of “video display devices” sold to Minnesota households are regulated under the Minnesota Electronics Recycling Act (May 2007). This law builds on the product stewardship approach, where manufacturers share responsibility for collecting and recycling products at the end of their useful lives.

A program year runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following calendar year.

A manufacturer makes video display devices for sale under its own brand, or has others make products under its brand.

Video display devices (VDD). As defined in Minnesota, video display devices must meet each of these criteria.

  1. Marketed and sold to: "Households" in Minnesota
  2. Device types: "Televisions" and "computer monitors"
    • "televisions" include: TVs, TV/disc player combinations, monitors for home security systems
    • "computer monitors" include: monitors, all-in-one computers

VDD do not include devices sold to commercial or institutional customers.

Requirements for manufacturers

Minnesota's law lays out many program-year responsibilities for manufacturers of video display devices.

Registration. Submit the registration form for each program year and pay a base registration fee based on unit sales of video display devices in the previous program year.

  • Due August 15 each year, or within 10 days of offering VDD for sale in Minnesota.

Meet recycling obligation. Manufacturers are assigned a recycling obligation based on their market share of VDD. These recycled pounds can come from registered collectors and recyclers, recycling credits from registered manufacturers, or fees paid to the state (at $0.30/$0.40/$0.50 per pound).

  • Transactions of recycled pounds must be completed before the end of the program year (July 1).
  • Manufacturers should make estimates of qualifying program-year sales to ensure they have purchased sufficient recycled pounds of CED or recycling credits before July 1.

Report. Manufacturers document their sales for the program year, formally calculate their recycling obligation, document purchases of eligible recycled pounds of covered electronic devices and/or recycling credits, calculate fees owed for unmet obligation or "recycling credits" earned for exceeding obligation, and make payment.

  • Due August 15 each year to the MPCA.