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An electronics collector is a public or private entity that receives electronic devices from households and arranges for the delivery of the devices to a recycler. In Minnesota, electronics collectors must register with the state each program year (July 1 to June 30) in order to accept devices from Minnesota households.

Register and report

By July 15 each year, register and report on collection activities for the program year just ended (July 1 to June 30) using Re-Trac Connect.

Collectors registered the previous program year must have a completed registration and reporting form from the previous year to complete registration for the current year. Required information:

  • Company contact
  • Location of collection sites and/or services provided by the collector
  • Weight of covered electronic devices (CED) collected and where it went for recycling

Due diligence

Collectors that contract with recyclers for managing discarded consumer electronics should take an interest in how those devices are processed and handled. Performing due diligence helps protect against both environmental harm and potential liability to collectors for mismanagement of collected devices. One tool is to use recyclers that have received a certification (such as eStewards or R2).

Guidance for cities and counties

Many Minnesota counties and other local governments collect e-waste, and the MPCA is committed to helping them make informed decisions, while maintaining high standards for protecting the environment and human health. For guidance on starting and running e-waste collection programs, visit the Local government page.