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Do I need a construction stormwater permit?

Yes, if your construction project will disturb more than one acre of land. If your project is under an acre in size, but is part of a larger common plan of development, you will also need a permit.

When can I start construction?

On a typical construction project, you may start construction one business day after you apply online. Those who do not have the means to apply online can submit a paper application after contacting the MPCA. Construction may start one day after receipt of the postmark date of a complete paper application.

If your project will disturb more than 50 acres and water from your site discharges within one mile of a state-designated special or impaired water, the SWPPP for the project will be reviewed by the MPCA engineering staff to determine compliance with permit requirements. Generally, this process will be completed within 30 days. The online application will ask you to attach the SWPPP along with your application.

Reminder:  For all projects, construction activity cannot commence until all required approvals from the USACE or other governmental entities for impacts to wetlands or determination of impacts have been received.

What happened to the paper applications?

The requirement for online applications helps the MPCA to reduce paper waste and the costs associated with processing the paper permit applications. Another benefit of the online application is it does not allow an incomplete application to be submitted, eliminating delays in the start of construction.

If you do not have internet access, contact the MPCA (see contact info) for a submittal number and fill out a paper application. If no submittal number is included on the paper application, it will be considered incomplete.

Am I filling out my application correctly?

The online application does not allow you to submit an incomplete application. The application program verifies that all required fields are filled out before allowing the application to be submitted. If you are filling out a paper application and leave anything blank, then it's probably not filled out correctly. See the Steps to construction webpage or call us with questions.

I do not have a contractor named yet. Can I still fill out my application?

Yes. For now, use the owner information in both owner and contractor fields of the application. The owner signs both parts of the application. After the contractor has been identified, use the transfer form to add the contractor.

How can I find out if my site is within one mile of a special or impaired water?

Use the Special or impaired water search tool.

How do I pay my permit fee?

When you apply online, you will have the option of paying the $400 application fee either through a checking account or credit card. If you need to fill out the paper application, attach a check for $400 made out to the MPCA and include it with your application.

Where do I mail a paper application?

Send it to the Construction Stormwater Program at the MPCA in St. Paul.

When will I hear back from the MPCA regarding the status of my permit application?

If you apply online, you will receive immediate proof of application with an automated email confirmation. Your permit coverage will be effective one business day after completing the payment step of the application process. If you submitted a paper permit application, you will receive an email or letter confirmation for your records within 14 days for most projects.

What is the status of my permit coverage?

You can check the status of your permit using the Construction stormwater permit search tool, or by calling us. It may take a few days for notice of termination changes to show up at the permit search site. Note: “Active” means the permit is still open; “Inactive” means the permit has been terminated or closed.

When will I hear back from the MPCA regarding my subdivision, transfer, or permit modification form?

The owner and contractor will receive a confirmation letter or email after their form is processed.

What happened to the paper notice of termination (NOT)?

NOTs must be submitted online using e-Services by either the owner or contractor. If you are new to this process:

Check the Construction stormwater permit search tool to determine if the permit has been terminated. It may take a few days for NOT changes to show up at the permit search site. “Inactive” means the permit has been terminated or closed.

How do I complete the notice of termination (NOT) if the original contractor or owner is out of business?

Either party can complete the NOT for the other. Please note the reason for not being able to complete the contractor’s signature on the NOT.

What is a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP)?

A SWPPP describes the scope of the planned construction project and describes measures to control runoff. A SWPPP must be completed before submitting your application. A consultant trained in SWPPP preparation may be able to prepare your SWPPP.

Training is required to complete a SWPPP:

Use this checklist to ensure the SWPPP contains all required information:

For simple construction sites disturbing only an acre or two, use this template: