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Thousands of chemicals are emitted into the air. Many of these are air pollutants that can directly or indirectly affect human health, reduce visibility, cause property damage and harm the environment. For these reasons, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency attempts to reduce the amount of pollutants released into the air. In order to understand the sources of air pollution and track the success of reduction strategies, the MPCA collects data and analyzes the emissions of certain air pollutants.


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Statewide and county criteria air pollutant and air toxic emissions

Use the interactive map, chart and data table to view statewide and county emissions for criteria air pollutants and air toxics for 2011, 2014, and 2017.

Permitted facility air emissions data

View the reported air emissions for permitted facilities in Minnesota.

Multicolor bar graph representing greenhouse gas emissions data

Greenhouse gas emissions data

This interactive tool provides a summary of statewide greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota.

In recent years, both the MPCA and EPA have increased focus on reducing mercury air emissions. Both Minnesota and EPA require mercury reductions from power plants. Additionally, the MPCA developed a plan to meet water-quality standards by reducing mercury emissions released into the air. Despite significant mercury reductions from some sectors, the MPCA projects it will not meet the 2025 statewide mercury emissions reduction goal. Emissions from the Products sector category are holding steady or even increasing. Products that contain mercury include fluorescent lights, certain switches, thermometers, and “silver” dental fillings, among others. The MPCA is working to improve the accuracy of its estimates for these uses to better inform reduction strategies.

Mercury emissions 2005-2014 and air emissions reduction goal by 2025

Graph: Mercury emissions 2005-2014 and air emissions reduction goal by 2025

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Reports to the Legislature

Every two years, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) reports to the Legislature the best estimate of the total volume of water and air pollution that was emitted in the state for the years for which data are available. This report was first produced in 1996, and the format has evolved to include new kinds of information such as discharges of toxic air pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions and issues of concern.

Recent reports:

Legislative charge: Pollution report (116.011)