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Senior woman enjoying breeze from electric fan.

Although the impacts from Minnesota’s changing climate are touching all of us, some groups of people are more at risk. These include the very old and very young, people of color, and people with health issues, disabilities, economic vulnerability, outdoor occupations, disproportionate exposure to environmental pollution, and cultural/language barriers. The most vulnerable have multiple sources of risk.

The reality is that communities are only as resilient as their most vulnerable members. MPCA funded studies for 23 cities located in every region of Minnesota to identify their climate-vulnerable populations. Goals and strategies were provided that will help these cities (and others in each region) increase the resilience of their vulnerable populations for current and expected climate change impacts. Many of these strategies are “no regrets” actions that can improve daily quality of life for everyone in the community.

Every Minnesota community can benefit from enacting relevant parts of the menu of climate adaptation strategies to reduce the impacts of climate change, improve public health, and expand the local economy.