West Fork Des Moines River Watershed - Multiple Impairments: TMDL project

This project addresses bacteria, turbidity, pH and excess nutrients on several reaches and one lake. The MPCA and Barr Engineering Company developed the report. The Cottonwood County Environmental Office and the Heron Lake Watershed District (HLWD) collaborated and provided technical and public involvement support. The TMDL report was approved by the EPA on December 18, 2008.

A local partner, the Heron Lake Watershed District (HLWD) led efforts to develop an implementation plan that addresses issues outlined in the approved TMDL report. The HLWD could not have done this without the generous support and involvement of the advisory stakeholder committee and a technical committee. Both committees met together to learn about the impairments, potential efforts to clean up the impairment, and activities that are currently taking place in the watershed. The meetings were intense, interactive, and informative. The end result of each of the meeting was to develop a list of actions that will improve the water quality, be accepted and implemented by watershed residents, and be cost-effective. The West Fork Des Moines River and Heron Lake TMDL Implementation Plan was approved by the MPCA on September 22, 2009. 

Map and location

The Lower Des Moines River watershed (formerly the West Fork watershed) makes up most of the Des Moines River basin, in the southern portion of the state.

TMDL report and implementation plan

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PDF icon West Fork Des Moines River - Multiple Impairments TMDL report (wq-iw7-13e)

PDF icon EPA Approval Letter (Dec. 18, 2008)

PDF icon TMDL Implementation Plan

PDF icon MPCA Approval Letter (Sept. 22, 2009)

PDF icon Amendment to the West Fork Des Moines River Watershed Multiple Impairments TMDL (wq-iw7-13l)

Expanded bacteria and total suspended solids wasteload allocations justification memo for the Windom Wastewater Treatment Facility NPDES/SDS Permit (Feb. 26, 2018)


Information contact

Katherine Pekarek-Scott
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency