Lac qui Parle, Yellow Bank - Bacteria, Turbidity, and Low Dissolved Oxygen: TMDL project

This project addresses 19 impairments on 11 reaches in the Lac qui Parle and Yellow Bank River watersheds. The Lac qui Parle River watershed contains eight impaired reaches addressing bacteria, turbidity, or low dissolved oxygen, including the entire mainstem of the Lac qui Parle River. The North Fork and South Fork Yellow Bank Rivers are impaired for bacteria and the Yellow Bank River is impaired for both bacteria and turbidity.

The project began with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hiring a contractor to begin the technical work for the low dissolved oxygen TMDL project on the Lac qui Parle River. Since then, the project took a new direction by including bacteria and turbidity impairments for both the Lac qui Parle River watershed and the Yellow Bank River watershed. The Lac qui Parle-Yellow Bank Watershed District has partnered with the MPCA in completing this TMDL.

Map and location

The Lac qui Parle River watershed is located in the western portion of the Minnesota River basin. It starts in Lincoln County and flows north through Yellow Medicine and Lac qui Parle counties. The Yellow Medicine River is located in the northern portion of Lac qui Parle County. Portions of both watersheds are also in South Dakota.


TMDL report and implementation plan


Information contact

Katherine Pekarek-Scott
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency