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SSTS installersAll private businesses in Minnesota that design, install, repair, maintain, operate, or inspect septic systems must be licensed with the MPCA. Local and state government employees do not require a license, but must obtain individual certification in the specialty area(s) applicable to their work. Local units of government cannot require additional local licenses for septic system professionals in Minnesota.

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All Minnesota-licensed businesses must employ at least one designated certified individual (DCI) for each specialty area offered by the business. A DCI is a person certified with the MPCA who has attended training, passed exams, and gained experience in the specialty area for which he or she is seeking licensure.

There are four requirements for a business license application:

  1. Proof of an SSTS surety bond
  2. Proof of general liability insurance
  3. $200 fee for each license specialty area per year ($400 maximum)
  4. Proof of employment of at least one SSTS certified individual per specialty area

Use these forms when applying for business license:

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