All Minnesota businesses that design, install, repair, maintain, operate, or inspect septic systems must be licensed with the MPCA, and they must employ an adequate number of certified individuals to comply with the SSTS rules and regulations. Requirements for a business license application:

  1. Proof of an SSTS surety bond
  2. Proof of general liability insurance
  3. $200 fee for each license specialty area per year ($400 maximum)
  4. Proof of employment of at least one SSTS certified individual per specialty area

SSTS businesses must renew licenses each year, which includes providing evidence of general liability insurance and paying the annual fee. The MPCA mails a license renewal form four to six weeks before the license expiration date. Return the completed form, license fee, and proof of insurance at least 21 days before your expiration to ensure timely license reissuance. If your business license expires, you must immediately cease all SSTS work authorized by the license until it is renewed.

The MPCA will issue a license card and certificate that displays the license number, specialty area the business is licensed in, expiration date, and the certified individual(s) employed by the business.


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