Industrial stormwater

Industrial stormwater general permit, 2020-2025

PDF icon 2020 Industrial Stormwater General Permit (wq-strm3-67i)

File 2020-2025 Industrial stormwater sampling worksheet (wq-strm3-69)

Do not submit monitoring data for the 20th quarter (April 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020). This quarter of monitoring is not required under the 2020 permit. (“If the Permittee obtains coverage on April 1, monitoring starts in the quarter beginning July 1.”)

PLEASE NOTE: e-Services is not yet able to receive industrial Stormwater monitoring data: do not attempt to submit. A notification will be sent for training and notification when e-Services is available for monitoring data submittals.

Industrial Stormwater Permit Information Access

A searchable database to find detailed information about industrial stormwater facilities.

10 steps to compliance

Step 1: Applicability — do you need a permit?

Step 2: Consider certifying for No Exposure

Step 3: Assess for pollutants

Step 4: Create SWPPP, choose and implement BMPs

Step 5: Gather application materials before applying

Step 6: Apply, modify or terminate permit coverage / No Exposure certification

Step 7: Follow applicable permit /sector-specific requirements

Step 8: Annual requirements — employee training, reports and monthly inspections

Step 9: Sampling

Step 10: Submitting sample results


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