Industrial stormwater

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Frequently asked question

Question:  I’m looking for topic-specific or sector-specific guidance. Can you help me and my facility? 

Answer:  Yes! The industrial stormwater program just created a Digital Document Library that provides topic-specific and sector-specific guidance. Though the tool is still a work-in-progress, it is still helpful for permittees. Check out the Industrial Stormwater Digital Document Library today!


Industrial Stormwater Permit Information Access

A searchable database to find detailed information about industrial stormwater facilities. Permittees: download your quarterly sampling forms, annual report, and change form here.

10 steps to compliance

Step 1: Applicability — do you need a permit?

Step 2: Consider certifying for No Exposure

Step 3: Assess for pollutants, sources of contaminated stormwater

Step 4: Create SWPPP, choose and implement BMPs

Step 5: Gather application materials before applying

Step 6: Apply, modify or terminate permit coverage / No Exposure certification

Step 7: Follow applicable permit /sector-specific requirements

Step 8: Annual requirements — employee training, reports and monthly inspections

Step 9: Sampling

Step 10: Submitting sample results

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Program contact information

About the Industrial Stormwater Program

  • Develop an effective Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) which contains your Stormwater Control Measures, described as Best Management Practices (BMPs).
  • Manage stormwater runoff by meeting the permit requirements or certify condition of No Exposure.
  • Read and comply with the PDF icon Multi-Sector General Permit for Industrial Activity (wq-strm3-67a)