Industrial stormwater

Industrial stormwater general permit, 2020-2025

PDF icon 2020 Industrial Stormwater General Permit (wq-strm3-67i)

File 2020-2025 Industrial stormwater sampling worksheet (wq-strm3-69)

e-Services has been updated as a central location for submittal of all your industrial stormwater monitoring reports and annual reports. To proceed with submittal of your stormwater monitoring reports or annual reports you must “Add Facilities” and submit the associated submittal agreement in order to obtain access to your facility.

10 steps to compliance

Step 1: Applicability — do you need a permit?

Step 2: Consider certifying for No Exposure

Step 3: Assess for pollutants

Step 4: Create SWPPP, choose and implement BMPs

Step 5: Gather application materials before applying

Step 6: Apply, modify or terminate permit coverage / No Exposure certification

Step 7: Follow applicable permit /sector-specific requirements

Step 8: Annual requirements — employee training, reports and monthly inspections

Step 9: Sampling

Step 10: Submitting sample results


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