Industrial stormwater

Industrial stormwater general permit, 2020-2025

The new industrial stormwater NPDES/SDS general permit (which was recently open for public notice) will be finalized in the coming weeks. Once finalized, all facilities will need to update their stormwater pollution prevention plan to ensure it is in compliance with the new permit. The application period for the 2020 permit will be in September 2019, and all applications will be made online through MPCA’s e-services portal.

Do not submit a paper application for the 2020 permit until you receive the GovDelivery notification that our e-services portal is available. Also, the e-services portal will be used for submitting monitoring data and annual reports in the coming months.

Industrial Stormwater Permit Information Access

A searchable database to find detailed information about industrial stormwater facilities. Permittees: download your quarterly sampling forms, annual report, and change form here.

10 steps to compliance

Step 1: Applicability — do you need a permit?

Step 2: Consider certifying for No Exposure

Step 3: Assess for pollutants, sources of contaminated stormwater

Step 4: Create SWPPP, choose and implement BMPs

Step 5: Gather application materials before applying

Step 6: Apply, modify or terminate permit coverage / No Exposure certification

Step 7: Follow applicable permit /sector-specific requirements

Step 8: Annual requirements — employee training, reports and monthly inspections

Step 9: Sampling

Step 10: Submitting sample results

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Program contact information

About the Industrial Stormwater Program

  • Develop an effective Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) which contains your Stormwater Control Measures, described as Best Management Practices (BMPs).
  • Manage stormwater runoff by meeting the permit requirements or certify condition of No Exposure.
  • Read and comply with the PDF icon Multi-Sector General Permit for Industrial Activity (wq-strm3-67a)