Images, videos: Minnesota River study

Map of river

Map showing course of Minnesota River with callouts noting higher flow of water, pollutants such as sediment and phosphorus, and nitrate concerns

Photos: water monitoring

MPCA monitoring staff conducting fish sampling


MPCA field staff conducting water insect sampling


Photos: Minnesota River

Black and white view of Minnesota river with clouds


Minnesota River with sandy bank and shoreline


Photo: Wastewater treatment facility

This photo is of the wastewater treatment plant in Mankato. Over the past ten years, municipal wastewater treatment facilities have made significant reductions in the amount of phosphorus they release into the Minnesota River.

Wastewater treatment pond in Mankato


Photo: dragonfly

Many insects like this dragonfly begin their lives in water. The sensitivity of aquatic insects to changes in water quality make them reliable indicators of stream health.

dragonfly near Minnesota River

Videos: water monitoring

Monitoring videos from the MPCA on YouTube


Photos: Agriculture and water

Images focusing on agricultural practices that help improve water quality