Recycling has become a widely adopted waste management practice in Minnesota. Statewide, businesses and organizations have many opportunities to recycle through public and private collection programs.


Increasing recycling of beverage containers. The Pollution Control Agency completed a report to the Legislature on increasing recycling of beverage containers (February 2014).


Minnesota Recycling Markets Directory lists companies serving Minnesota that accept commercial quantities of recyclable materials.

Binary Data Rethink Recycling: Business Recycling Guide

This business recycling guide helps local businesses make smart recycling and disposal decisions. New and improved, you'll find information on everything from paper and plastics to electronics and food waste. Search for facilities by location, materials accepted and services provided.

MPCA's Recycling Market Development program helps start-up and expanding businesses in Minnesota develop uses for recycled materials by offering technical, financial and marketing assistance. Minnesota's recycling manufacturing industry is recognized as a national leader. In 2003, the industry supported more than 9,000 jobs and added $2.98 billion to the state's economy.

County recycling offices can offer local assistance to companies interested in getting started with recycling or enhancing an existing program.

Buy recycled

Recycling is a good way to keep useful materials from going to waste in landfills or incinerators. Buying recycled-content products ensures that markets for the recovered materials are strong. The Minnesota Recycled Products Directory is a searchable database of quality recycled products made in Minnesota and vendors that carry them.