Large scale compost sites

A composting facility is substantially different from a backyard compost pile. Large-scale compost facilities closely monitor and have practices in place to ensure conditions are ideal for composting.

Food waste sites

Professional composters manage Source Separated Organic materials such as food scraps, compostable products and yard waste at large scale composting facilities. These facilities will operate under a Source Separated Organics Materials (SSOM) permit or Solid Waste Compost permit. The SSOM permit type was established in late 2014 to reflect an update to Minnesota’s compost rules.

Permits require compost facilities to have appropriate design, operation, and maintenance standards. Operational practices include detailed requirements for handling incoming organics materials, odor management, staff training, contact water, curing compost, and safety of the and finished compost products.

In the 1990s when many of the rules governing these facilities were adopted many composters were attempting to compost Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and then to later remove the materials (metals, plastics, etc.) that were not suitable for composting. In the last 20 years, compost facilities have almost universally switched to only accepting Source Separated Organic Materials. Some of the facilities that were operating prior to the 2014 rule changes still have solid waste compost permits, despite now focusing only on source separated materials.

Operator training accreditation

Establishing an SSOM facility

Establishing a solid waste compost facility

For more information, visit MPCA's solid waste permitting web page.

Yard waste-only sites

Yard waste includes garden waste, leaves, lawn clippings, weeds, shrub and tree waste, and pruning. These materials have been banned from Minnesota landfills since 1992.

New facility

Site location, design, and management must follow state composting rules outlined in Minn. Rules 7035.2836.

Permit-by-Rule notification

e-Service: Yard waste permit by rule notification

PDF icon Yard Waste: Completing the e-services notification (w-sw3-56)

Outlines what information is required to complete and submit the online notification form.

Microsoft Office document icon Yard waste local acknowledgment form (w-sw3-55)

Acknowledges that counties and local authorities were notified. This form must be included in MPCA's e-Services notification.  



Other rules and regulations

Other state agencies have rules concerning composting.