About sustainable government purchasing

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership CouncilMinnesota’s state Sustainable Procurement Program is a partnership between the Department of Administration and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. To operationalize the State of Minnesota’s Sustainable Procurement Program, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Department of Administration’s Office of State Procurement (OSP) worked together closely to formulate a shared vision and mission that captured our intentions for the future. The MPCA and OSP also developed sustainable procurement program goals and metrics, in part based on existing executive orders, a plan for contract prioritization, a program structure and resource commitment, a sustainable procurement process, and deliverables. All of these elements come together in our PDF icon Sustainable Procurement Charter.


The sustainable procurement program focuses on improving the environmental, social, and economic impacts of government procurement by establishing sustainable state contracts, sharing best practices for sustainable procurement, fostering a community of government purchasers who prioritize sustainability, and facilitating equal opportunity for TG/ED/VO and small businesses to meet sustainability requirements to do business with the state of MN. 

By making greener, cleaner and more sustainable purchasing decisions in state government, we can reduce solid waste, shrink our carbon footprint, promote a strong, equitable local economy, and improve energy and operational efficiencies across the enterprise.


The State of Minnesota will use our purchasing power to drive the market for sustainable goods and services by making purchases that demonstrate the highest level of environmental, social, and economic responsibility.


Through collaboration, Minnesota sets the standard as an industry leader in sustainable purchasing that will transform the way the State of Minnesota confronts its most difficult sustainability challenges.

Citizens, suppliers, and purchasers can expect:

  • A transparent, inclusive, and data driven process
  • A balance of environmental, social, and economic priorities
  • A drive for market transformation
  • Regular communication of outcomes and benefits

For more information

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable procurement, other organizations working on sustainable procurement, and the Sustainable Procurement Program, check out our sustainable purchasing best practices and guidance and our sustainable purchasing community page.