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Join the Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV)

Through the Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV), eligible entities can purchase goods, certain services and utilities from contracts established for Minnesota state agencies by the Office of State Procurement. Governmental entities (counties, cities, towns, townships, and school districts) and certain tax-exempt, nonprofit entities and charitable organizations are eligible, including licensed nonprofit hospitals and community health clinics in Minnesota. Membership is free and it’s easy to apply.

There are a number of benefits to becoming a CPV member, such as decreasing or eliminating the time and expense required to research product specifications and award, process and maintain a contract. Members report significant cost savings through the CPV program. State contracts can also help your organization meet sustainability goals in purchasing, solid waste, energy and fleet.

Learn how to become a CPV member or contact Sherry Brown at 651-201-2404 or

Contracts available to Cooperative Purchasing Venture members

Members only. Once you join, you will be able to access the secure area of the Office of State Procurement website, where you will find the state contracts. To find the contract you need, enter the Contract Release letter-number codes shown on this handout (e.g., C-252(5)) into the “contract release number” search bar on the main page in the secure area. The search results page will provide hyperlinks to the Contract Releases for the contracts associated with that number. On the contract release, you will find vendor information, price lists, and other information needed to purchase on contract.

Sustainable Procurement Charter

The state’s Sustainable Procurement Charter is a partnership between the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Office of Enterprise Sustainability. These agencies set the goals and create sustainable contracts.

All cabinet agencies are asked to:

  • Use sustainable state contracts
  • Support the principles of sustainable procurement established within this charter
  • Participate in contract user groups and provide feedback on contract terms when the contract is necessary to meet the business needs of the agency
  • Participate in the quarterly Solid Waste and Procurement Workgroup meeting

Minnesota programs

At the State of Minnesota, we have a number of programs and groups working together move the needle on sustainable purchasing.

  • Office of Enterprise Sustainability: Supports state agencies by helping to ensure state government operations save money by implementing socially and environmentally responsible solutions. OES focuses on six key areas, including procurement.
  • Office of Equity in Procurement: Promotes opportunities to do business with the state, and provide assistance to small businesses owned by women, minorities, people with substantial physical disabilities, and veterans as they seek state contracts.
  • GreenStep Cities: A voluntary challenge, assistance and recognition program to help cities achieve their sustainability and quality-of-life goals.
  • GREEN Group: MPCA-coordinated informal network of environmental and purchasing staff from county and city governments. The GREEN Group is open to representatives of public entities from around the state. At biannual meetings, members discuss timely sustainable purchasing topics, share sustainable purchasing experiences, and work on group projects to help meet their organization’s sustainability goals. If you have questions about the GREEN Group, contact Alison Cameron at 651-757-2195 or

National programs

Other resources