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Revisor ID: R-04828

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is planning new rules governing reporting of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in products. The main purpose of this rulemaking is to establish a program for the MPCA to collect information about products containing intentionally added PFAS as directed by Minnesota Session Law - 2023, Chapter 60, H.F. No. 2310.

The notice of Request for Comments on this rulemaking was published in the September 25, 2023, State Register.

Procedural rulemaking documents

September 2023


The PFAS in product reporting is part of a package of PFAS in products requirements in Minnesota Session Law – 2023, Chapter 60, including PFAS in products fees. The law directs that a manufacturer of a product sold, offered for sale, or distributed in Minnesota that contains intentionally added PFAS must submit certain required information to the MPCA.

This rulemaking proposes to establish a program to collect information about products containing intentionally added PFAS. For any intentionally added PFAS in products or product components, the information required includes reporting of a description and numeric coding of the product; the purpose of any PFAS in the product; the identity of each PFAS present; the amount of each PFAS present; location and contact information for the manufacturer; and any additional information requested by the MPCA. The MPCA must be prepared to collect this information by January 1, 2026.


Sept. 25, 2023Notice of Request for Comments published in State Register
2024Prepare draft rules and Statement of Need and Reasonableness
To be determinedPublish Notice of Intent to Adopt Proposed Rules in State Register
by January 1, 2026Final adoption of rules
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