Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS)

MPCA uses the Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS) to store and manage surface water and sub-surface monitoring data and associated laboratory results from sampling locations across the state.

The database currently contains monitoring data from Minnesota streams, lakes, groundwater, ambient air, soil, sediment, and gas collected through MPCA programs and partnerships.

EQuIS application and tools

EQuIS Pro, an application available for core users, is used to maintain the database and create custom reports. The agency has limited number of concurrent Pro licenses. Enterprise, an application primarily available to MPCA staff, provides an EQuIS connection useful for submitting and retrieving data. EQuIS offers a variety of software tools and standards developed to allow for fast, dependable data collection and reporting:

Data process information: Data submittals, review and reports

Data processes vary between agency programs. Please visit the links below to view data process instructions for individual programs.

EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE): Field data collection tool

EDGE is a field data gathering tool used to populate spreadsheets and generate EDDs which can then be used for EQuIS field data storage. EDGE_MN is the EDGE format that will be used in Minnesota.

Please consult with a MPCA project manager to confirm that EDGE has been implemented for field data submittals in the program. EDGE typically requires additional training and individual programs may have custom standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Lab_MN: Lab data storage spreadsheet

Lab_MN is an electronic data deliverable (EDD) format, developed by the MPCA and MN.IT, enabling labs to submit results in an EQuIS-ready format. It incorporates EQuIS data standards and enables remote error checking prior to submitting data to the MPCA. All major labs supplying EQuIS-bound data are required to adopt this standard.

Chain of Custody (COC): Sample tracking form

COC procedures must be followed to maintain and document sample possession.  The MPCA has developed a COC that can be populated within the EDGE application or on paper. The COC provides the labs with the information necessary to work in the Lab_MN format. The COC is available within EDGE_MN and by downloading the COC template.

EQuIS Enterprise:  A data submittal portal coming soon!

EQuIS Enterprise is an existing web based processing and reporting tool used primarily by MPCA staff. In the future, a data submittal portal will be incorporated into EQuIS Enterprise to provide internal and external partners a more automated data submittal and response system.

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EQuIS program coordinator: Melissa Meeuwsen (651-757-2188)

MPCA data coordinators