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The MPCA uses the Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS) to store water quality data from more than 17,000 Minnesota sampling locations. EQuIS contains information from Minnesota streams and lakes dating back to 1926.

Water quality data 2024-2025 timeline:

  • Through June 3, 2024: Submit project and location metadata, complete 2023 data review.
  • Through Nov. 1, 2024: Submit field data via the Field data template.
  • Dec. 2, 2024: Begin final data review.
  • Dec. 13, 2024: Complete final data review for assessment related data.
  • Jan. 15, 2025: Data finalized and ready for the 2025 assessment process.

Contractors must provide analytical data in the MPCA LAB_MN format and follow chain-of-custody procedures. Learn more:

Submitting data

Note: Always use the current online version of the forms; they are updated frequently.

Save the project and location establishment forms to your computer before filling them out and emailing them to an EQuIS team member and designated MPCA project manager.

Step 1: Submit a project establishment form for new projects or project updates.

Step 2: Submit a location establishment form for establishing new sampling locations or to associate existing sampling locations with your project (co-located sites).

Step 3: Use the field data template to submit your field data on or before November 1.

Data review

To protect the quality of data in EQuIS, newly submitted data is marked as preliminary until it has been reviewed by an MPCA project manager or local partner.

In the first week of December, crosstab reports with review instructions will be emailed to project managers who submitted an "EQuIS ready" field data template or an electronic data deliverable (EDD) to the EQuIS Team by November 1.

Priority watershed data

All priority watershed data must be finalized and ready for the assessment process by January 15, 2025. Late submittals will be processed as time allows. If deadlines are missed, the data will likely not be finalized in time to be used.

The MPCA will conduct surface water assessments for these watersheds in early 2025 to determine whether water bodies meet state water quality standards:

  • 09020303 Red Lake River
  • 09020306 Red River - Grand Marais Creek
  • 07010102 Leech Lake River
  • 07010105 Pine River
  • 07010205 South Fork Crow River
  • 07040004 Zumbro River
  • 09030009 Lake of the Woods

Accessing EQuIS data