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If your pesticide discharges were under the thresholds and you were not required to submit a notice of intent (NOI), you are automatically terminated from permit coverage and requirements when you no longer have a discharge from the application of pesticides. At that point, activities associated with the discharge — including monitoring, adverse incident reporting, and recordkeeping — have been completed.

If you were required to submit an NOI for your pesticide discharges and would like to end permit coverage, you must:

  • Submit the permit termination request via e-Services within 30 days after one of the following conditions has been met:
    • You no longer have a discharge from the application of pesticides, you do not expect to discharge during the remainder of the permit term, and activities associated with the discharge — including monitoring, reporting, and recordkeeping — have been completed
    • You have obtained coverage under an individual permit or an alternative general permit
  • Describe which condition listed above applies to you in your request for termination. If you submit a request for termination without meeting one of the conditions, your request for permit termination will not be granted.
  • Follow the requirements of the permit until you receive notice that your permit has been terminated. You will receive written or e-mail notification from the MPCA that permit coverage has been terminated.
  • Submit an annual report no later than 45 days after your termination date for the portion of the year before your termination.