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Facilities that have low overall air emissions and qualify as one of the conditionally exempt source categories may be exempt from needing a permit.  

First, determine if your facility qualifies as an insignificant facility. Insignificant facilities are not required to notify the MPCA about their status.

If your facility cannot qualify as an insignificant facility, it may qualify as conditionally exempt if you operate in one of these sectors:

  • auto-body refinishing
  • coating
  • woodworking
  • concrete manufacturer
  • gasoline service station

Eligibility criteria, notification forms, and other information specific to the facilities above is available on the MPCA’s conditionally exempt facilities webpage.

Your current air permit status and next steps

If your facility qualifies as a conditionally exempt source, consider your current air permit status to determine next steps.

Do you have an air permit?

No. MPCA encourages you to comply with the exempt source standards and submit the notification form to the agency

Yes. You can keep your current permit or switch to comply with the exempt source standard.

  • To be eligible, you must first void your air permit by submitting a Notice of Permit Termination using e-Services.
  • The referenced media source is missing and needs to be re-embedded.

Unsure? Use this searchable permit inventory or contact the MPCA to determine if you have an air permit.

New facility. You can choose to either follow the exempt source standards or apply for an air permit.

  • A notification is due is due within 120 days from when operations begin