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Climate Action Framework

Workers servicing a wind turbine.

Climate change is no longer a far-off possibility. Minnesotans are suffering its devastating effects right now – and it will get worse. We can all be a part of the solution. Addressing climate change presents us with a historic opportunity to strengthen our economy, improve our health, and create a more equitable Minnesota for everyone.

To guide this work, Minnesota has developed a Climate Action Framework. This plan sets a vision for how our state will address and prepare for climate change. It identifies immediate, near-term actions we must take to achieve our long-term goal of a carbon-neutral, resilient, and equitable future for Minnesota.

Climate action framework document cover.

Meeting our goals together

The Climate Action Framework is built on six goals for our state:

  • Clean transportation
  • Climate-smart natural and working lands
  • Resilient communities
  • Clean energy and efficient buildings
  • Healthy lives and communities
  • A clean economy

Together, we can meet these goals and make a better home for future generations of Minnesotans. Learn how you fit into the framework.

Minnesotans have always excelled at transforming necessity into opportunity, and the challenge presented by climate change calls on that innovative spirit more than ever.”
— Katrina Kessler, MPCA commissioner
in emissions by 2030
10 years
of prioritized investment
to prepare for climate change
across Minnesota by 2050
Construction workers entering a construction site.

Clean economy

Transitioning to a cleaner economy must include solutions that benefit everyone. By encouraging innovation and investing in our workers, Minnesota can build an economy that addresses climate change and provides family-sustaining jobs for people across our state.

A flooded community.

Resilient communities

Minnesota communities experience climate change differently. Solutions must be tailored to meet local needs. We can prepare communities with the resources they need to build a more resilient future for themselves.

Children playing in a fountain.

Healthy lives and communities

Changes in Minnesota’s climate threaten the health of all our communities, but not everyone experiences these impacts equally. We can protect the health and wellbeing of all Minnesotans in the face of climate change.

Vehicles moving quicly on a highway.

Clean transportation

Transportation is our greatest opportunity to reduce climate pollution. We can connect all Minnesotans through safe, affordable, and sustainable transportation options.

A farmer in a cornfield.

Climate-smart natural and working lands

We can manage our natural and working lands to help us address climate change by absorbing and storing carbon, reducing emissions, and sustaining local economies.

Looking up at a wind turbine with blue sky and some light clouds.

Clean energy and efficient buildings

Minnesotans can benefit from investments in clean energy and energy efficiency that will create jobs, lower energy costs, and contribute to a more stable climate.